Sustainable Fish

“Our commitment to sourcing sustainable fish and seafood runs as deep as the oceans we rely on”

– Janes Foods

The harmony and wellbeing of our fisheries and communities is a long-term vision we are passionate about at Janes. It began with our recyclable packaging in the early 1990s, long before being green was anyone’s corporate motivation. It continues today with Janes’ pioneering efforts towards sourcing sustainable fisheries from around the world.

Janes’ commitment to sustainable practices

Janes has made a commitment to sustainable practices at the forefront of Janes strategic priorities. In February 2011, Janes became the first branded seafood company in North America to have 100% of its retail seafood products certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Janes is proud of this accomplishment and is now working with other organizations and the public to help increase awareness about the vital importance of healthy oceans.

The harmony and wellbeing of fisheries and communities is a long-term vision Janes is passionate about.

Three ways Janes guarantees ethical catch and production

Janes Foods consistently adheres to the following three-part process for guaranteeing the ethical catch and production of frozen retail seafood products:

  1. Quality Control: This multi-step quality control process focuses on boat-to-plate chain of custody – spanning inspections of raw material to the final product, and includes full inspection of production.
  2. Traceability: Along with quality control, Janes’ inspection reports provide complete traceability for every product.
  3. Certification: Janes sources all of its wild capture fish and seafood from fisheries that have been independently certified to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) global standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries.


The Marine Stewardship council (MSC) is the leading global environmental standard for responsible fishing. The mission of this international not-for-profit organization is to reverse the decline in global fish stocks and to ensure that MSC-labelled seafood comes from, and can be traced back to, a sustainable fishery (boat to plate).

Fish carrying the blue MSC logo are certified as coming from a fishery that has been certified as sustainable and well-managed. The MSC logo also indicates that the chain of custody from boat-to- plate is traceable to ensure the fish is in fact from a sustainable source.

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What does the MSC label mean?

1. Sustainable fish stocks

2. Marine habitats and species protected

3. The fishery is well managed

Who benefits from MSC certification?


The MSC logo indicates to consumers that the certified fish can be traced back through the entire supply chain back to the source fishery – from boat to plate. The MSC eco-label is also an easy solution for customers to find sustainable seafood products and reward those in the supply chain who demonstrate leadership in sustainability.

Fish-related livelihoods

Protecting fish stocks through the certification of sustainable fishing practices helps protect the livelihoods of many people involved in bringing fish from boat-to-plate.


Sustainable fishing helps to protect the marine ecosystem. An estimated 75% of the world’s fish stocks are either exploited, depleted or over-exploited. (Source: FAO – UN Food and Agriculture Organization)